Bonus Lesson: “The Origins of the Celtic Church”, Eastern Orthodox Prof. Jeffrey MacDonald

Was there a “Celtic Christianity” distinguishable from the mainstream Christianity of the European, Mediterranean, and North African regions? Wikipedia informs us that,

…The term “Celtic Church” is deprecated by many historians as it implies a unified and identifiable entity entirely separate from the mainstream of Western Christendom.[4] Others prefer the term “Insular Christianity”.[5] As Patrick Wormald explained, “One of the common misconceptions is that there was a ‘Roman Church’ to which the ‘Celtic’ was nationally opposed.”[6] Celtic-speaking areas were part of Latin Christendom as a whole at a time in which there was significant regional variation of liturgy and structure with a general collective veneration of the Bishop of Rome that was no less intense in Celtic areas.”

Prof. MacDonald traces the “Origins of Celtic Christianity” and discusses especially the Churches of England, Scotland, and Ireland in the fifth and sixth century,  the flowering of monasticism,  and the important Orthodox monastic saints. . Click here for Community Audio page and select Lecture #6. Note also to listen to Lecture #7.


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