Welcome To All Students of Christian Theology!

All serious students of the Bible and Christian theology who wish to take advantage of this site and its wide assortment of curriculum materials – discussion questions, videos, audio lectures, printed lectures from leading theologians – are encouraged to borrow freely or visit the pages selectively to sample the contents. You will find it helpful, especially if you are a newcomer, to go to the About page and review the table of contents. You simply click above on the Navigation Page/About above to review the Master Menu.

We are studying Roger Olson’s The Story of Christian Theology at this site through questions correlated with chapters in the text. Additionally, as noted above, there are materials incorporated in linked lessons which will extend and deepen the student’s understanding of the theologians and theological issues being explored in Dr. Olson’s text.

You may also enjoy Prof. Olson’s theological “musings”, as he terms them, at his personal blog: click here.

If you are seeking a Bible study that focuses on a New Testament document, we offer a study on Paul’s Epistle to the Romans that will also use Martin Luther’s classic Commentary on Romans as well as Prof. N.T. Wright’s Commentary . Click here to go to this site currently under progressive development.

Dr. Galbraith, webmaster for this site, offers a website also dealing with the defense of the Christian faith, that is, Christian apologetics “Defending the Faith With Reason and Revelation”. To access this site click here.

In the YouTube presentation below Professor Olson discusses Truett Seminary and explains why studying the history of Christian theology is essential.

Prof. Wayne Grudem of Phoenix [AZ] Seminary is presented in our first “Bonus Lesson” on “Why Theology is Important”. If you would like to view this video presentation click here.

Also in Lesson 18B Pastor Nick Needham, senior pastor of Reformed Baptist Church, Inverness, Scotland and Professor of Church History at Highland Theological College, Dingwall, Scotland,  presents a lecture on The Value of Church History. Click here on the title if you wish to go directly into Pastor Needham’s presentation.


About goodeggbiblestudy

Lachlan Galbraith is a layman responsible for curriculum design; he has a Ph.D. in Education from the University of California-Berkeley.
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